XIII European Week in Brazil

EUNIC Brazil

Europe Week in Brazil started as a Europe Day celebration organised annually by the cluster in Brasilia and the EU Delegation since 2009 and over the years it has grown to become a flagship project taking place in several cities in Brazil. EUNIC clusters in Brazil (EUNIC Brasilia, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo) have recently developed a joint strategy and part of its implementation involves going beyond showcasing into more structural projects based on building trust and understanding with the local partners and audience. In 2017 for the first time all five clusters and the EU Delegation will develop shared cluster activities, building on from the previous editions of the European Week in Brazil. For the 13th edition of the European Week the five clusters are planning a European Film Festival with film screenings and debates with Brazilian and European critics in 10 Brazilian cities; a series of Classical Music Concerts involving European and local symphony orchestras with master classes at music schools and universities in cities where the concerts will take place; and Europe – Brazil Dialogues inviting Brazilian and European intellectuals to produce essays on one of two identified themes: Migrations or Populism and Culture, this activity will be complemented by conferences in each of the cities where the clusters are based to continue discussing the themes. The EUNIC clusters in Brazil are working together to become the reference for cultural and educational activities related to the EU in Brazil, to provide capacity building by training Brazilian students and professional through master classes, debates and conferences, and to encourage the mobility of Brazilian and European artists and cultural agents.



Total Budget:

Cluster Fund Call 2016 contribution: €10,500 TOTAL budget of the project: €82,949


Europe week, Populisim, Migration, capacity building, students