World-Literature: a Portuguese perspective

EUNIC Portugal

The main goal of the World Literature Project (WLP) is the publication of an anthology, spread in three parts, themselves divided in 7 volumes, of literary texts in Portuguese, both originally written in that language and in translation, that can be considered as the most representative of the traditions of World Literature in its source cultures. European Literatures (2nd part). This part includes, at the moment, 305 texts originally written in 29 languages. Out of the 305, 218 texts were written in the following languages: German (35), Spanish (28), French (63), Italian (37), and Romanian (9). These texts have already been translated and are undergoing editing. We are at the moment assessing new texts written in the languages of under-represented languages, specifically those represented by EUNIC Portugal cluster members non included above (Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland). The main expected outcome is the greater circulation of texts coming from European literary traditions that illustrate contiguities in the human experience present in the represented cultures. It is hosted at and developed by the Centre for Comparative Studies, at the University of Lisbon.


mid-late 2017 until 2019


  • Institute for World Literature (IWL)
  • Harvard University
  • European consortium University and School for a European Canon (ELiCa).

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