Workshops with Ronald Grätz (27.04.2017) and Elisa Grafulla (05.05.2017)

EUNIC Berlin

As a cluster we had been aware of the fact that we had certain operational idiosyncrasies. Those were commonplace and just a part of how the cluster ran. Once directives came in from EUNIC Global about the 3 year Strategy, a lot of new information had to be passed on to our members. After a while it became apparent that many did not fully understand the 'how and what' between cluster work and the strategic vision. Inviting Ronald Grätz to do a workshop on where EUNIC is headed to was an opportunity to bring everyone up to speed on current developments and most importantly, understand them. In this workshop we talked about EUNIC in a strategic context and the change of 'European Culture' to 'Cultures of Europe' as well as the structures about clusters and how all the parts make a strategic vision. Similar motivations prompted the idea of inviting Elisa Grafulla (Cluster Development Director at EUNIC Global) to do a workshop on the new Cluster Charter and the administrative structure of EUNIC as a whole. Many of our members voiced concerns about the new Charter. Getting clear information and direction from the source helped our members to understand the reason behind the changes as well as the changes themselves much better. This workshop was also a forum to voice concerns and discuss them in a beneficial and informed way. We like to organise workshops as much as we can. We believe that the move informed we are internally, on any given topic, the better the cluster functions because our members know exactly how to address a given situation. We believe in the potential of clusters to be something akin to a think tank for cultural relations. Workshops help to translate this potential into action and in many cases sustainable results.


2-3 hours per session


EUNIC Global

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Workshop, Capacity Building, Cluster-internal