“Tomorrow today” – European environmental documentaries

EUNIC Israel

Israel is facing numerous environmental challenges. In order to raise awareness amongst the Israeli population and to discuss avenues for possible solutions to these problems, EUNIC Israel initiated a project entitled “Tomorrow – Today” which started at this year’s Haifa International Film Festival (5 – 14 October 2017). The project which is co-funded by the local EU-Delegation presents five high class environmental documentaries especially chosen for an Israeli audience. At this stage, the films are coming from Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Spain and treat a number of subjects relevant for Israel today, inter alia water pollution, the excessive use of sand, the infiltration of modern life (and the human body) with plastic or solar energy as opposed to conventional energy. All films are geared towards a broad audience and will be shown with Hebrew or Arab subtitles. After the festival all films will be made accessible to everybody in Israel through a streaming platform. In addition NGOs, schools, universities and other institutions interested in a public screening can turn to EUNIC Israel for support to organise public debates or a lecture on this occasion. Furthermore, EUNIC Israel will also organise events with the before mentioned partners in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Environment at various venues across the country in order to promote the content of the project. 


2 years


  • Haifa International Film Festival
  • EU-Delegation 
  • Israeli Ministry of Environment
  • local NGOs

Total Budget:

€32.000 (€20.000 from EU-Del)


Environment; Awareness raising; Social responsibility; Energy autonomy; Global Issues;