Tfanen-Tunisie Créative

EUNIC Tunisia

Tfanen-Tunisie Créative is a 3- year programme to support the strengthening of the Tunisian cultural sector through sub-granting calls for proposals and technical assistance in capacity building of local cultural actors. It is funded by the EU Delegation and implemented by the British Council in partnership with the EUNIC cluster in Tunisia. The programme aims to strengthen the civil society, facilitate sustainable professionalisation of the cultural sector and reinforcement of the role of culture as a vector for social cohesion at local, regional and national level. It is the first PAGODA contract signed by a EUNIC member (the British Council) which is implemented in partnership with a cluster. The governance of the project combines the signatory’s legal responsibility and the involvement of the cluster members in its implementation in 2 ways: through their participation in the Project Board, and through contracting and expertise on specific project actions. The EUD has recently proposed that Tfanen absorb extra funds and extend the life of the project by six months, €500,000 would be earmarked specifically for Tfanen activity and the remaining €200,000 for activity, managed through EUNIC/Tfanen, to help scope the Europe Creative ‘Desk’ which will be established in Tunisia.   




  • EU Delegation
  • Ministry of Culture of Tunisia

Total Budget:

€4M + additional 700,000


Capacity building, culture and creative sector, sub-granting,