Street Art Pasila

EUNIC Finland

EUNIC Finland has designed the Street Art Pasila project as part of “Finland100”, the celebration of the Finnish state’s 100th anniversary of independence in 2017. The project will produce street art interventions in the Helsinki suburb Pasila -currently an odd mixture of office buildings and houses made of prefabricated concrete elements that have been hardly ever renovated since the 1970s, mainly inhabited by students and immigrants, and lacking restaurants and bars- with a view to turning it into a lively and friendly place through mural paintings. With the help of international street artists from Finland and all around Europe, the EUNIC cluster in Finland will be creating a unique street art neighbourhood of national and international scale. The project will take place in three phases: the first one was carried out in August 2017; the second and third phases of the project, for which the Cluster Fund is being used, are scheduled to take place in September 2017 and May 2018. Street art tours will be provided by volunteers once the street art interventions are finished.


Sept 17-May 2017


Total Budget:

Total budget: 26,800€ Cluster fund grant: 5600€


street art, urbanism, paintings