Steps towards a film industry in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Steps towards a film industry

Although a new film policy has been recently announced by the Ministry of Culture in Ethiopia in order to establish a framework for the local film industry to grow and thrive, there is still a huge gap between the policy ideas and the reality for Ethiopian professionals in the film industry. This project is an extensive survey of the whole film industry value chain in Ethiopia, from script writers to distributers. It will be done through a series of 2-days workshops, each dedicated to a specific profession in the film industry, as part of the EU Film Festival 2018. Participants of the workshops will be Ethiopian professionals but also selected stakeholders from neighbouring countries and experienced practitioners from EUNIC members. The result of each workshop will be a list of practical, hands-on recommendations for steps to take towards a prospering Ethiopian film industry. This joint project will for the first time combine knowledge and networks of the six EUNIC members and their respective partners. The resulting recommendations will be implemented by the cluster’s members through pooling resources from their bilateral programmes.




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Total Budget:

Total budget: 17,000€; Cluster fund grant: 5100€


survey, film industry, script writers, EU film Festival, networking, workshops, conference, recommendations