Rotkäppslam during the European Day of Languages 2017

EUNIC Berlin

On September 26th we organized a poetry slam-contest as the evening event of the EDL 2017. The topic was Little Red Riding Hood. During each contestant’s performance, an animated video was shown in the background, outlining the story. Here comes the twist: the slammers were to perform either completely in their native language or if in English/German, had to use elements of their native language. Against the backdrop of the animation as a constant, the languages themselves were presented in a very raw and pure fashion. Disconnected from semantics, the languages were presented as purely cultural devices, each with their own heritage, history and ways of inferring meaning. A total of nine slammers entered the contest, performing in seven different languages such as Italian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Czech or French. They were given a maximum of four minutes for their pieces and the public voted their favourite. The Rotkäppslam was organised in collaboration with the European Commission and the event took place at the Institut Francais Berlin. It was a great success in terms of attendance and audience – even the so often missed ‘younger audience’ was very well represented that evening. In addition, we believe that we succeeded in showcasing different European languages in a fresh and playful manner – adhering to cultural and linguistic heritage as well as opening new ways of looking at language.


26 September 2017


Total Budget:

€3000 coming from the EU Commission


Language, Cultural Heritage, Communication, Linguistic Heritage, Poetry-Slam