Questioning Borders: Separation, Transition or Sharing?

EUNIC Croatia

In many countries, populism and nationalism fuelled by the refugee crisis are giving rise to powerful movements that are calling for the reintroduction of borders as the sole assurance of the protection of national identities. In 2017 under the title “Questioning Borders: Separation, Transition or Sharing? “, EUNIC Croatia will introduce a Civic Forum with various panels on questions about borders, a series of exhibitions to visualise the topics of the forum’s debates organised by several of the cluster members, and a film festival exploring the topic of boundaries in European cinema in two Croatian cities, Zagreb and Rijeka. The forum will bring together international and Croatian experts from all fields of social sciences: anthropology, law, economics, geography, history, political sciences and sociology and Croatian partners, such as the the Institute for Demographics and Migration, Rijeka 2020 (European capital of Culture) or the Croatian Ministry of Culture. The aim of these series of activities is to give a better understanding of how our societies function, and how individual practices and experiences help weave their collective fabric shaping the European identity, an identity in movement.



Total Budget:


Cluster Fund Call 2016 contribution: €10,500 TOTAL budget of the project: €44,500