EUNIC Washington

Washington: Privacy Challenge - Interactive Performance Project

Digital Eye was ani nteractive, inter-genre performance-based project born out of a wider transatlantic theatre project titled P3M5 - Plurality of Privacy Project (P3)- 5 Minute Plays (5M). It presented newly-commissioned micro-plays by some of Europe’s most innovative playwrights, delivered in partnership with prominent Washington DC theatre companies.  A series of audience-interactive events reflecting around the question “What does privacy mean to you in the digital age?” challenged the audience in many different ways, from questioning about the actual security of personal data to presenting real frightening lack of data scenarios to a thought-provoking invented scenario of European legislation on privacy.  Live and filmed performances, interactive privacy game workshops, and town hall-style discussions immersed the audience in the artistic responses and engaged them in an informed conversation with leaders in the field. The EUNIC Cluster in Spain was also involved in the project and brought the project to Madrid in 2018.


1 September 2017 - 31 October 2017


The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics at Georgetown University, Mosaic Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Studio,
Forum Theatre

Total Budget:

29.000 Euros incl. 10.150 Euros from the Cluster Fund Call March 2017


privacy, interactive event, performances, theatre, debate