Phase 1 of P3M5: Microteatro por privacidad


This performance based project presents newly-commissioned micro-plays by some of Europe’s most innovative playwrights, focusing on the topic of privacy. “P3M5” stands for Plurality of Privacy Project (P3) – 5 Minute Plays (M5) and was brought to life by the Goethe-Institut Washington and implemented together with the cluster. Within the framework of this project five American and ten European playwrights have prepared five-minute-long pieces with the objective of finding out what privacy means to us in the digital age. EUNIC Spain was involved in the projected delivered in Washington and will now present 7 of the initial European playwrights in Madrid. In collaboration with the local partner Microteatro por dinero Madrid, the cluster will present a selection of plays in an extended and Spanish version of 12-15 minutes. Furthermore, Microteatro will publish one of their monthly calls on PRIVACY, so the topic of privacy will lead all the events during April 2018 and result into 20 new works on PRIVACY. 


January 2018 – April 2018


Embassy of Belgium & Flandern (Dutch & French) / Goethe-Institut / Czech Center / Austrian Cultural Forum / Cultural Institut Rumania / Instituto Cervantes 

Total Budget:

Total budget: 30,600 € Cluster fund grant: 5100€


theatre, micro plays, playwrights, privacy, digital age