Museum Meetings: Support for the Renovation of History Museums

EUNIC Ukraine

In the context of recent civil and political crisis, Ukrainian State has introduced reforms to accelerate the process of the de-Sovietization of the country and rethink national history by revisiting its history. As part of the wide-spread national reforms, the National History Museum in Kiev is undergoing a renovation of its programme and the content of its activities. EUNIC Ukraine will participate in these initiatives with the project “Museum meetings. Support for the renovation of history museums” divided into three stages. The first stage involves visits by Ukrainian experts (historians and museologists) to different European countries and the museums dedicated to the history of the respective countries to exchange practice. After the visits, the experts will share the reports about the encountered European practices in Eastern Ukraine to an audience of historians, museum curators, representatives of different Ukrainian institutions, complemented with lectures on the identified topics to a mixed public in Kiev. The final stage of the project envisages a creation of a white book setting out the orientations of the Museum of national history to provide for further reflection on a consensual conception of a national history of Ukraine.



Total Budget:

Cluster Fund Call 2016 contribution: €7,550 TOTAL Budget of the project: €40,000


Museum, curators, history, renovation