Multilingual workshops


Multilingual workshops consist of participating EUNIC members delivering 2-3 workshops in their national language to primary school children (9-10 year olds) in Paris state schools. These workshops are delivered as part of the extra-curricular activities that the schools can make available to their students, coordinated through the Paris City Authority. Each workshop series takes place over a period of c. 3 months, during which time some 11-12 workshops are delivered in each school. Once per week. Children therefore get the opportunity to sample a variety of European languages and cultures in a ludic way.The project began in 2016 with 3 schools engaged and 15-18 children per each workshop. It was requested that it be repeated again in 2017, and the 4 new workshops have just got underway in 4 schools. This year,7 institutions are participating to deliver 4 workshops (46 sessions). Each workshop will finish with a joint celebration with the children, and a presentation of the overall project, involving participating cultural centres, schools and the City authorities. It will act as a celebration of Europe.


3 months renewable


  • Mairie de Paris

Total Budget:

Not known. Each participating centre contributes with the costs of assigning teachers to deliver the workshops (60 € approx per session)


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