Mini-Language Courses during the European Day of Languages 2017

EUNIC Berlin

The Mini-Language Courses are a staple during our EDL projects and for some time now, have been very well received. In cooperation with public Libraries all over Berlin, we organize and host language courses for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Those courses are designed to give the students an introduction into different European languages. Upon completing the course, students get certificates. This year we gave 32 courses in 20 different languages in 21 different libraries.  We believe that giving children the opportunity to experience languages that otherwise, they would not, is a great learning opportunity as well as an opportunity to broaden their horizons. In a sense, by giving them a taste of the “sound of a culture”, we hope it sparks interest not only in that language but in the culture around the language.  In an overwhelming number of cases, exactly this had happened: as soon as a language was presented, children became curious about what the country or culture was like in which said language was spoken. In presenting foreign languages that are more prevalent in Berlin (Turkish or English f.i.) we hope to give children a short insight into cultures they otherwise might not interact with, despite the geographical proximity. Hence, on a local level, this could help to build an open, healthy community of co-existing cultures.


26 September 2017


  • Public Libraries in Berlin
  • EU Commission

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