EUNIC DRC Master Class of Photography

Democratic Republic of Congo: Photography Master Classes

There is no training center for photography in DRC. In times of the visual turn and highly visual individual communication (Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook), visual literacy is very important in order for citizens to become active members of their society. EUNIC DRC is cooperating with the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa in order to create a training center for photography inKinshasa.

In a two year workshop series led by professionals from the continent and Europe as well as local co-teachers, students of the Academy are trained in photography as well as basic professional skills. The modular workshops focus both on artistic creation as well as on other fields of photography (journalistic, documentary, commercial). Between workshops, students work on projects mentored by the teachers. Students will receive a certificate of completion issued by the Academy at the end of the course. A final exhibition is organised at the end of the project. Out of this pool of students, future teachers of photography will be further trained in order to become teachers of photography.




Académie des Beaux-Arts Kinshasa (Academy of Fine Arts), EUNIC, EU Delegation to Democratic Republic of the Congo

Total Budget:

90.000 Euros incl. 15.000 Euros form the Cluster Fund Call March 2017


Cultural formation, cooperation, education, visual literacy, photography, young people