Fashion Design Research


This project will furnish a scientific base research for mapping and screening the fashion and design sector in Sudan in order to discover the needs in terms of capacity development and identify market opportunities. The result will be a roadmap and recommendations for the cluster to develop a capacity building programme including trainings (field mission by fashion educators, development of a curriculum, training) and a residency programme for young European fashion designers to work together with the Sudanese designers participating in the training programme. The fashion and design sector in Sudan is facing some challenges, such as the low quality of material, the high cost of productions, the lack of networking among Sudanese designers, the lack of opportunities for training, as well as the unclear policy of the Ministry of Culture towards artists and creative industries. This research is the first phase of a five-phase project that aims to address these challenges.


March – June 2018


Total Budget:

Total budget: 17,500€ Cluster fund grant: 5100€


Fashion, Design, Research, Mapping, Capacity building, roadmap, training, young people