European Film Week

EUNIC Bosnia and Herzegovina

This yearly project is implemented by several EUNIC members with the support of the EU info centre and gives the opportunity to the Bosnian public to successively see high quality creation of European cinema in a single venue. The embassy or institute of each participating country is in charge of the choice of the movie of the English and Bosnian subtitles. This project highlights the importance of interculturality as explained the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in BIH Khaldoun Sinno, who noted 'that the EU accession process is not just about the law alignment and completing the questionnaire but also about cultural exchange and promoting cultural diversity. The 2017 film festival was an excellent occasion to present the EU cultural diversity with screenings of interesting films titles contributed by EU Member States, reflecting the official slogan of the EU 'united in diversity'.




Delegation of UE (UE info-centar)

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