Europe Week 2018 Estonia

EUNIC Estonia

On the occasion of Europe Day 2018 the EUNIC Cluster members will be organising a “Europe Week” in which each member and associate member organisation will organise at least ONE event. In the planning of the individual events the following will be taken into account: 

- The Motto of the Europe Day set by the EU-Delegation

- Estonia 100 (100th Jubilee of Estonian Independence)

- Timing of events – coordination between EUNIC members to avoid “clash”

- Location of events – the EUNIC members will try to also plan events outside of Tallinn

- Any events held by the EU-Delegation

The events will aim to promote cultural diplomacy and a positive EU-Image.  


1.5. – 9.5.2018


  • EU-Delegation
  • all EUNIC Cluster members

Total Budget:

No EUNIC Cluster Budget – costs are shouldered by the individual organisations


European Values; Positive Reinforcement of EU Image