EUNIC Jordan A model

Jordan: A model of collaboration between EUNIC and EU Delegation

The contracts signed with the EU Delegation had the origin at the EUROMED Forum on Creative Industries and Society, in order to create a space for dialogue and joint work to identify needs and priorities in the creative industries sector. Among the activities carried out it is worth mentioning the project “Developing creative industries in Jordan- a call to action” in 2013 or the Symposium on creative cities in 2014, for which the Delegation had the support of EUNIC. This collaboration resulted in service contracts signed between the Delegation and EUNIC. Up to date, three contracts have been signed with the Delegation and the next will be signed at the end of this month of October 2017. Based on the success of activities carried out under the contracts and the continuing success of the relationship between the European Union and EUNIC, over a period 2014-2016, EUNIC Jordan will organize a series of events which will increase awareness of the link between peace and cultural relations and will build further relationships based on trust and mutuality. Advocacy for cultural relations and EU visibility are cross-cutting themes that will underpin the action. Promotion of cultural exchange and appreciation of European cultural activities to the Jordanian public is key as the EU Neighbourhood barometer survey on culture in Jordan, conducted under the EU regional communication and information programme, shows that 18% of Jordanians feel close to European culture, which is much below the Mashrek region average of 43% feeling. The work that has been implemented by EUNIC over the last few years is aimed at supporting an increment towards this.


15 months: October 2017- December 2018


Amman Jazz Festival 

Image Festival Amman

Baladak Street Art Festival

A mman Design Week

Total Budget:



Service contract; relationship EUNIC-EUD; cultural relations; trust and mutuality.