EUNIC Austria

Austria: Europe of Humanists

Modern Europe and its neighbouring countries are based on ideas and values that were formed and established during the era of Renaissance and the great humanists. The exhibition „Europe – Heritage of Humanists“ not only presents well-known scholars and thinkers who lived and acted between the 15th and 18th century, but also features less renowned and female humanists operating in the shadow of their contemporaries. All these influential characters, their concepts and values have had a lasting effect on today's Europe and the ideals of the European Union. The exhibition consists of 25 large-sized panels with images, short biographies and quotes. From April to June 2017, the exhibition was accompanied by side-events focusing on contemporary issues and topics of mobility and migration, freedom and tolerance, language diversity and mutual understanding, equality and transnational cooperation, trust, populism, humanists in earlier time, libraries (meeting places of humanists once/ public spaces now).


11 weeks


University of Vienna, Academy of Science

Total Budget:

€ 17.932


Cultural heritage, humanism, mobility, integration, trust and understanding, migration, exhibition