EUNIC AiR – Artists in Residence

EUNIC Serbia

Artists in Residence aims at supporting already existing AiR programs in Serbia, through the establishment of a matching fund, dedicated to co-funding Residencies that will get a EUNIC label by inviting artists from EU member-states to Serbia. EUNIC AiR will consist of 10 artistic residencies in two time frames (autumn 2017 and spring 2018) within theatre, literature, design, jazz and art in general. A joint bar camp is planned to be organised in order to bring the residing artists together to share their residence experiences, debate on European, digital  and global issues. A communication campaign will be arranged during the artists stay in Serbia. 


1 year


  • Nova Iskra 
  • Krokodil Festival 
  • Cultural Centre GRAD 
  • Pancevo Jazz Festival 
  • National Theatre in Belgrade 

Total Budget:



EU Artists, Matching, Residences, Serbia, Co-funding, European/digital/global issues