Iran: Artists in Residency programme

Although the Iranian artistic scene is vibrant and the Iranian public very interested in culture, it has somewhat been isolated for the last years. Some Iranian festivals invite international artists and Tehran has several residency spaces that have experience with exchanges with European countries. In order to increase Iran’s exchanges with the wider world, build sustainable cultural relations between Iran and the EU, and capitalise on the existing efforts and experiences, the EUNIC cluster in Tehran has established an EU-Iran artists in residency programme (EU-IR-AIRP). For a start, the EU-IR-AIRP will be piloted with artists, but it can be extended to cultural managers, curators and even researchers in the future. The disciplines with stronger potential for artistic residencies in Iran are be visual arts, film making and theatre. Three candidates from each participating EU country and three Iranian artists per EU participating country wereproposed, out of which the final selection has been made. Each artist in residency was lasting one month resuling into a final presentation in Iran and/or the respective European country.


01 August 2017-31 January 2018


Kooshk Residency

Total Budget:

24.900 Euros incl. 7.350 Euros from the Cluster Fund Call March 2017


Residency, mobility, exchange, visual arts