Develop a heritage related cultural tourism as well as a culture of tourism for the benefit of cultural heritage


In the context of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, EUNIC BiH’s project intends to build the capacities of the local sector dealing with cultural heritage and tourism. First, a training seminar for targeted audience (tourism offices, cultural institutions, business sector) will be organised with experts from the cluster and local experts to share good practice and reflect on their experience of building marketing strategies in the field of tourism. The seminar will be followed closely by two missions of the cluster experts to develop skills in marketing touristic territories and design “touristic routes” in selected areas. Weaving links between heritage and tourism, this projects aims at supporting local institutions in their audience development and developing stronger cooperation between local actors. The objective is also to develop tourism trails in two pilot cities (ie. Jajce and Travnik).


February 2018 – December 2018


Total Budget:

Total budget: 10,200€ Cluster fund grant: 5100€


capacity building, cultural tourism, cultural heritage, skills transfer, audience development, marketing