Cultures pour Vivre Ensemble

EUNIC Morocco (Rabat and Casablanca)

The EUNIC clusters in Casablanca and Rabat have developed a joint strategy at the core of which is “Cultures pour vivre ensemble”, a county-wide programme intended to ‘create values’ which facilitate coexistence between communities with plural and shared, diverse and contradictory identities in Morocco as well as include diasporas in the process. The project, rather than developing new actions, focuses on connecting existing networks, actors and initiatives working in this field in Morocco, therefore building upon their work. In early 2017 the two clusters received support from the EUNIC Cluster Fund to launch the preparatory phase of the project, mainly to identify the intellectual and operational tools necessary for the subsequent implementation of “Cultures pour vivre ensemble”.  

Following this, the clusters continued working with local partners to further develop the project. As a result of it, they jointly prepared a project proposal to request EU funding to consolidate the creation of a network of sociocultural centres country-wide in order to develop an artistic education programme intended to social integration and emancipation. With the support of the Cluster Fund, the clusters are currently working on a training for the members of EUNIC Morocco and the local partners of the project to build their capacities and work together on the delivery of the project.




  • EUNIC Morocco
  • Association DARNA
  • Fondation Ali Zaoua.

Total Budget:

€500,000 (approx.)


Working with youth, education, intercultural dialogue, diasporas, social inclusion.