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Creation of tools and unification of the networks of the cultures to live together project

EUNIC clusters in Casablanca and Rabat have developed a joint three-year strategy at the core of which “Cultures pour vivre ensemble”, is a county-wide programme intended to ‘create values’ which facilitate coexistence between communities with plural and shared, diverse and contradictory identities in Morocco as well as include diasporas in the process.

The Cluster Fund will co-finance Creation of Tools and unification of the networks (COeUR), the preparatory action of the “Cultures to Live Together” project. The purpose of COeUR is to identify and improve the intellectual and operational tools necessary for the implementation of “Cultures pour vivre ensemble”. The preparatory stage will involve two research actions: one action will assess existing cultural resources available in Morocco for the delivery of the main project; the second research action will map activities and projects undertaken by EUNIC and EUNIC partners which are relevant for the project and identify relevant resources and partners for the project. These two actions will be complemented by a seminar to provide a platform for the training capacities of EUNIC members and Moroccan partners for the delivery of the “Cultures pour vivre ensemble”.

  • Diversity
  • Social inclusion
  • Migration

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