Coeur 2

Cluster: EUNIC Morocco (Casablanca and Rabat)

EUNIC clusters in Casablanca and Rabat have developed a joint three-year strategy at the core of which “Cultures pour vivre ensemble” is a county-wide programme intended to ‘create values’ which facilitate coexistence between communities with plural and shared, diverse and contradictory identities in Morocco as well as include diasporas in the process. The Cluster Fund co-financed Creation of Tools and Unification of the networks (COeUR), the preparatory action of the “Cultures to Live Together” project. The purpose of COeUR was to identify and improve the intellectual and operational tools necessary for the implementation of “Cultures pour vivre ensemble”. Following the first research stage which included a mapping of cultural activities and a seminar, Coeur 2 will consist of two capacity building workshops for EUNIC members in Morocco for the delivery of “Cultures pour vivre ensemble”. These workshops will also explore the best strategies of cooperation between EUNIC, the EU Delegation and Moroccan partners.


January 2017


Members involved: Instituto Cervantes, Camoês IP, Institut français, Goethe Institut, Società Dante Allighieri, Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Total Budget:

Total budget: 8500€ Cluster fund grant: 4000€


capacity building, training, cultural mapping, cooperation, diasporas, co-creation, network development, socioeconomic development.