Bunt gemischt – Eine Reise durch die Kontinente

EUNIC Berlin

What had formerly been the day of the European cultural institutes in Berlin transformed itself into a project for children, aiming at showcasing different European cultures. This year’s edition will take place in the Luxemburgish Embassy and the Embassy of Slovakia. ‘In Luxemburg’, cluster members/partners from Japan, Poland, Turkey, Poland and Luxemburg will present a programme with the title ‘A Journey through Continents’. Activities like Shadow Theater performances, Fairy Tales, baking and a scavenger hunt will present each country in a fun and playful way, giving the children a direct and tangible way to connect with a new culture. In Slovakia’, the programme is focused on animation films from Italy, Malta, Portugal and Slovakia. Here the children can ‘watch culture’ and connect via a medium that they are familiar with. The reasons behind the transformation of the project from general public to an event for children were twofold: One, we felt the need to refocus a part of our project work on children, as to avoid slanting in one direction. The second reason was that during past editions of the project, children were often the demographic that responded the best. The participating institutes are: Slovak Institute, Embassy of Luxemburg, Japanese-German Centre Berlin, Polish Institute, Yunus Emre Enstitüsü – Turkish Cultural Institute in Berlin, Italian Cultural Institute, Instituto Camoes, Embassy of Malta.


19 October 2017


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Working with youth, children