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"UNIQUE EUNIC: EU Cultural Relations" now available as documentary

Twelve years after its creation, EUNIC has evolved into a global network and a strategic partner of the EU, delivering transnational collaborative projects. A new documentary features EUNIC's work for the first time in film. It is now available in three version of different length on the internet.

Twelve years after its creation, EUNIC has evolved into a global network, a strategic partner of the EU in the inception and implementation of EU cultural policy, delivering transnational collaborative projects through its 36 members and more than 100 clusters. “UNIQUE EUNIC: EU Cultural Relations – Trust & Creativity across continents” is a documentary to show and present the history and work of the network of the European Union National Institutes for Culture, EUNIC, through images, interviews, and footage from the EUNIC Global archive and the European Union.

Gemma Riggs, British artist and film maker, takes you on a journey through places around the globe to see the multifarious cultural projects realised by EUNIC clusters. The film gives you an insight into Tfanen, a 3-year long programme to support the strengthening of the cultural sector in Tunisia, funded by the European Union in partnership with the EUNIC network and implemented by the British Council. It features images of a EUNIC project in Athens called “Let’s keep in touch” that aims to become a library run by refugees; as well as of the “EUNInClusive” project on social inclusion of the EUNIC cluster in Austria.

The documentary pays a visit to “Colomboscope”, the only festival for contemporary art in Sri Lanka; gives you an insight into the development of the cinematic scene in Senegal; and provides you with information on the exchange between the EU and Ukraine.  The documentary features interviews with European policymakers, representatives of EUNIC members, key figures of the founding of EUNIC, experts on cultural relations, and local stakeholder first and foremost participants of projects such as artists or visitors. The film was commissioned by the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and EUNIC Global and was finalised by the end of 2018. It is now waiting for your clicks and reviews on our YouTube Channel.

The film is produced in three versions: a 2-minute trailer and versions of 10 and 30 minutes. We can also provide you with a direct download link upon request. We invite you to share the video on social media, show it in your presentations or at festivals, in conferences and workshops, etc.

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