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"Fifty pages of notes from a three-day study visit to Goethe-Institut headquarters in Munich"

A group of six job shadowers – from the Lithuanian Cultural Institute in Vilnius, from Institute Cervantes in Madrid and from the British Council in Warsaw – followed a comprehensive Job Shadowing programme at the Goethe-Institut headquarters. Five of them share their experiences in Munich here.

Rūta Nanartavičiūtė, Head of Programs and Projects Department at Lithuanian Cultural Institute (LCI) in Vilnius: “I truly appreciate the input of all the colleagues of Goethe-Institut into our programme. We‘ve met more than 20 people who took their time to meet us and introduce various aspects of their work, as well as versatile activities and programmes of the Institut, be it the Institut’s strategy or their newly launched “Generation A” programme on digital transformation. We got a really broad sense of how the Goethe-Institut works, as well as a glimpse of the daily life in their new office.

Weronika Ruszecka from British Council in Warsaw: “There are two main reasons why I think this was a rewarding experience and why I would recommend anyone to try it out for themselves. No matter how much we like our jobs in the field of culture for being interesting and diverse, there always is an element of predictability and same-pattern approach to what we do on a daily basis. This is when job shadowing comes into play – an experience which can bring lots of food for thought, inspiration and fresh ideas into our day-to-day routines, not to mention new business contacts and encounters with inspiring and knowledgeable professionals.

Coming from the British Council in Warsaw, I could notice a number or areas where our strategy and approaches overlap. I could share my experiences and learn new, interesting ways of implementing projects and collaborating internationally. What stands out for me is the way colleagues at Goethe-Institut approach the subject of knowledge management and how instrumental and professional they are in implementing different formats of large-scale, international projects.

What I also enjoyed a lot about the job shadowing is that we were introduced to Goethe-Institut’s external stakeholders as well. We paid a visit to Munich’s Creative District and learned how city authorities support local creative industries which, as it turns out, are among the best performing in the EU! I was also hugely impressed by the work and personality of Ayzit Bostan – artist, designer and advisor for visual arts at Goethe-Institut. A truly versatile artist, in 2012 Ayzit co-authored an amazing temporary installation in the public space, replicating Piazza San Marco in Venice into the heart of Munich. You can see it here.

I am very grateful to all wonderful colleagues at Goethe-Institut in Munich for taking time and effort to put together a great, inspiring programme! With a new edition of job shadowing scheme coming up this year, you should make sure not to miss it and apply!

Giedrė Malūkaitė, Projects Coordinator at LCI, Vilnius: “I was very excited about an exclusive opportunity of staying three days at the Goethe-Institut. Together with my colleagues from Lithuanian CultureInstitute we’ve got a wider overview and possibility to compare in detail the structures and strategies of the two Institutes which are very different in scale. As a little institute, we have learnt from our German colleagues and have shared our experiences in a very welcoming and professional atmosphere.”

Vlada Kalpokaitė-Kručkauskienė, Communication Coordinator at LCI in Vilnius: “I’ve brought more than 50 (!) pages of notes from all the speed-dating sessions and meetings with the colleagues from the Goethe-Institut. It was really informative, perfectly structured, wonderfully open and truly inspiring experience. I think I have at least four ideas how to implement some of the communication activities and some unforgettable memories of my colleagues undergoing the VR experiences!

Rūta Statulevičiūtė-Kaučikienė, Knowledge and Communication Projects Manager at LCI in Vilnius: “Job Shadowing was a superior experience. It was a great pleasure and it brought me a lot of inspiration for reflection on current and future projects of the LithuanianCulture Institute. The programme was comprehensive and very informative – I’m grateful to the team of Goethe-Institut, to the Creative München team and to the amazing Ayzit Bostan who all dedicated to us their time and knowledge so heartily. Everything was brilliant. Chapeau!

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