European ‘Houses’ of Culture: baseline mapping report available

May 29, 2019

The baseline mapping presents the results of the mapping process in the European ‘Houses’ of Culture, looking at past and current practice of European collaboration in culture, both inside and outside of the EU, realised by EUNIC members, EU delegations as well as by other actors or organisations.

The baseline mapping report serves as inspiration for future collaboration projects. Proposals submitted to the Call for Ideas within European ‘Houses’ of Culture may result from adapting the collaboration projects presented in the baseline mapping, or they may be completely new ideas.

Find the baseline mapping here.

Typology of projects

The mapping includes a typology of the projects featured covering eleven types of collaboration, including amongst others residency programmes, competitions and awards, and trainings and capacity building projects. The typology is illustrated by a number of examples. The mapping will furthermore be used as a baseline for the policy recommendations and the final evaluation that will be carried out by the European ‘Houses’ of Culture project.

Call for Ideas

The Call for Ideas is open to ideas for European collaboration projects in culture that are innovative in approach, partnership and activities: by proposing an equal partnership between EUNIC members, EU delegations and local cultural stakeholders, and by proposing activities that either are completely new, or adapting existing activities with fresh elements, or that are scaled up. Furthermore, they should be based on the contemporary understanding of cultural relations: people-to-people approach, co-creation and beyond showcasing of cultural diversity.

If you are working on a proposal, do get in touch with the team at EUNIC Global via More information about the project can be found here. The Call is open to submissions until 23 June 2019.