EUNIC Cordoba

This project intends to develop the capacities of local libraries inArgentina, which also act as neighbourhood centres connecting communities withintangible and tangible cultural heritage. These libraries are located inbigger cities and smaller towns in Argentina, especially in socially vulnerableareas. To encourage the creation of a network of libraries and in response tothe need for more professionalization of libraries’ staff, this project willdevelop three days of workshops that will allow members of local libraries topresent existing projects run by libraries but also to plan new joint projectsresponding to local needs. The last day will be devoted to visits of locallibraries with joint actions and interaction. EUNIC Cordoba has been working inthe field of literature for years and organises each year the InternationalLiterature Festival of Cordoba (FILiC).

Members involved: Alliancefrançaise, Asociación Argentina de Cultura Británica, Centro Cultural España,Goethe-Institut, Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Dates: 01.09.18-31.10.18

Key words: libraries, localcommunity, cultural centres, cultural heritage, networking, workshop, training,capacity building, knowledge sharing.

Total budget: 8000€

Cluster fund grant: 2500€

Partners: CONABIP (ComisionNacional de Bibliotecas Populares), Argentine Ministry for Culture.



Total Budget: