EUNIC Lithuania

This project is designed to raise awareness of a lesser-known part of European cultural heritage: the work of the Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus. Although he was very important for the development of the wholeEastern European photography, he remains mostly unknown outside of EasternEurope. Iconic pictures such as those of Jean Paul Sarte and Simone de Beauvoir when they visited Nida in 1965 are famous, yet very few people know that these pictures were taken by Antanas Sutkus. Therefore, a retrospective on theLithuanian photographer was developed by three curators (from Germany, France and Lithuania) and will be the base for at least three exhibitions, inLithuania, Germany and France. Educational workshops given by Antanas Sutkusand the exhibitions’ curators will be complemented by the publication of three catalogues in these languages that will be sent in public libraries inLithuania and to Goethe-Instituts’ libraries in Middle Eastern Europe. If successful, the exhibition could travel to other parts of Europe and reach an even wider audience.

Members involved: Polish Institute,Goethe-Institut, Institut français, Lithuanian Culture Institute, DanishInstitute, Istituto italiano di Cultura, British Council.

Dates: 9 November 2018 – 12 January 2019

Key words:cultural heritage, photography, exhibition, educational workshop.

Total budget: 59,500€

Cluster fund grant: 7,500€

Partners: Vilnius National Gallery of Art,Lithuanian Association of photo artists.



Total Budget: