EUNIC Romania

In the city of Eforie Sud, the cluster with the support of the local community revived an abandoned open air cinema builtin the 60’s by reopening it for 5 days, during which films were screened every evening and educational activities were organised for families in the afternoon. The project responds to the disappearance of cinemas throughoutRomania, where cities such as Eforie do not currently have an operating cinema.Beyond that, the cluster hopes to inspire local authorities and civil society to revive and keep the cinema open in the future as a cultural hotspot in this city which is currently a seaside resort for therapeutic treatments. After the festival, the cluster received positive feedback from the local population and encouragements to continue the project and even bring it to other cities in the country. Young people were especially inspired and expressed their intention of creating associations to raise awareness about this subject in Romania.

Members involved: Goethe-Institut, Institut Français, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Balassi Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum, Swedish Embassy.


1 August-5 August 2018


European Commission Representation, County Cultural Center Teodor T.Burada Constanta, RADEF "România Film" and other sponsors

Total Budget:

27,004€ Cluster fund grant: 5,000€


cultural heritage, cinema, film, family activities,restauration, recovery, educational activities.