EUNIC Croatia

The word border has often a negative connotation in the current European public debate. EUNIC Croatia wants to change this by raising awareness on Europe’s internal borders which speak of peace and freedom of movement, as an asset of the European cultural heritage and one of the greatest achievements of the European construction. The project will highlight how borders have changed in our recent past, what their importance is today and what the active role of the European Union has been in this process. Starting in 2018 with a conference and debate in Zagreb, the project will be organising a series of educational activities and activities for families (picnic, exhibition, interactive installation, performance,laboratories with schools) which will take place in Vukovar, city suffering the war in ex-Yugoslavia at the border with Serbia. The project will be extended in2019 and deployed to other borders in Europe where similar initiatives are taking place (for example: Hungary-Austria, Italy-Slovenia, Germany-Poland)connecting citizens and local initiatives in these places. This project continues the cluster’s work on the theme of borders and follows up on the international conference that the cluster organised in 2017 on this theme, also supported by the Cluster Fund.

Members involved: Istituto Italiano diCultura, Institut français, Balassi Institute.

Dates: Sept 2018 - 2019

Key words: cultural heritage, borders,frontiers, peace, freedom of movement, conference, educational activities,family activities.

Total budget: 18,000€

Cluster fund grant: 7500€

Partners: EUCommission, AIAPI, Cultural Association Furclap, Cultural Association Kunveno,Borderline, les frontières de la Paix, Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen,Academy of Art in Zagreb.



Total Budget: