In 2014, EUNIC was selected as one of the cultural networks co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme (2014-2017). Crossroads for Culture is aimed at strengthening EUNIC’s capacity to enable cultural players from all EU Member states to work transnationally, internationalise cultural and creative sectors and further enhance European influence and attraction inside and outside of Europe.In 2017 EUNIC was awarded another grant for the period 2017-2021.

Members involved:Austrian Cultural Forum, Austrian Embassy, German Embassy, Goethe-Institut,Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Polish Embassy, Italian Embassy.          

Dates: December 2018 –February 2019

Key words: culturalheritage, capacity building, seminars, workshops, cultural management, masterclasses.

Total budget: 19,600€

Cluster fund grant:7500€

Partners: The HeritageManagement Organisation, Dars Platform, Kooshk Residency, Khalaagh ConsultingGroup, Deegar Platform, Aknoon.



Total Budget: