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European Union National Institutes for Culture

Building trust and understanding between the peoples of Europe and the rest of the world through culture

 We are 36 national institutes and ministries responsible for cultural relations and cultural diplomacy.

Our institutes come from all 28 EU member states.

Over 100 clusters in our global network deliver collaborative transnational projects and connect cultures.

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  1. In 2014, EUNIC was selected as one of the cultural networks co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme (2014-2017).

    Crossroads for Culture is aimed at strengthening EUNIC’s capacity to enable cultural players from all EU Member states to work transnationally, internationalise cultural and creative sectors and further enhance European influence and attraction inside and outside of Europe.

    In 2017, EUNIC was awarded another grant for the period 2017-2021.
  1. British Council, Centre for Fine Arts/BOZAR, EUNIC Global, European Cultural Foundation and Institut français have formed a consortium, led by Goethe-Institut, to support the implementation of the Cultural Diplomacy Platform. This consortium has been selected through a call for tender.   The Cultural Diplomacy Platform has been launched early March 2016 by the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments of the European Commission, to support the EU institutions in the implementation of a new ‘EU Strategy for international cultural relations’. Find out more here.
  1. As part of the implementation of EUNIC Strategic Framework, EUNIC Global is piloting a Cluster Development Programme to enhance the capacity of EUNIC members to work together by means of clusters. Based on the assumption that clusters in the same region face similar needs and challenges, this programme consists of a series of regional meetings of EUNIC clusters and members operating in a region to develop a strategic approach to their work.

    Inspired by the European Commission’s approach to working with countries around the world, we have divided clusters into three main groups, EU and its neighbourhood, Strategic Partner Countries, Developing Countries.

    In 2016 the Cluster Development Programme focused on the EU and its neighbourhood, whereas in 2017 it is focusing on Developing Countries particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Click here to see the meeting reports.

    The pilot is financed under EUNIC Crossroads for Culture - Enhancing EU Member States Transnational and International Cooperation project under Creative Europe Programme.
  1. EUNIC organises regular knowledge sharing workshops on a range of topics throughout the year for colleagues from member organisations to attend.

    Find out more about it in the members section.
  1. EUNIC clusters develop and (co-)fund collaborative projects building bridges across cultures and peoples, connecting the people of the EU to other parts of the world and also inside the EU itself. They do it in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, from local cultural actors to national authorities to international players. Click here to see the shortlisted projects from 2016.
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